Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord

The disused ironworks would make a perfect backdrop for a movie!

Its charismatic buildings for between 10 and 4,200 people and outdoor space for up to 15,000 people present all kinds of possibilities for staging diverse events. Spaces such as the power plant, blower house complex, casting house and foundry storeroom make a special statement with their unique industrial atmosphere. 

Organizers and participants not only benefit from the diverse range of nature, culture and sports in this internationally awarded park area, but also from optimal transport links.


Blower house complex banquet
Blower house complex standing reception
Blower house complex theatre
Power plant, trade fair event
Power plant, product presentation


  • Airport Düsseldorf: 30 km
  • Central Station: 10 km
  • Motorway: 1,5 km

Halls and open-air areas

  • Blowing Hall Complex - Foyer
    225 sqm area
    70 people rows of chairs, 50 people banquet, 250 people standing reception
  • Blowing Hall Complex - Compressor Room
    165 sqm area
    50 people rows of chairs, 40 people banquet, 100 people standing reception
  • Blowing Hall Complex - Pump Hall
    375 sqm area
    100 people parliament, 120 people rows of chairs, 160 people banquet, 400 people standing reception
  • Blowing Hall Complex - Theater Hall
    620 sqm area
    500 people rows of chairs, alternative seating is possible
  • Power Plant
    6.000 sqm area, 14,5 m room height
    2.000 people parliament, 4.000 people rows of chairs, 3.000 people banquet, 4.200 people standing reception
  • Casting House
    220 sqm area, 9,8 m room height
    1.000 people rows of chairs, 1.498 people standing reception
  • Storeroom
    4 x 80 sqm area
    40 people U-shape, 70 people parliament, 99 people rows of chairs, 99 people standing reception
  • Power Plant Forecourt
    1.300 sqm area
  • Storeroom Forecourt
    545 sqm area, 9,8 m room height
  • Piazza Metallica
    2.500 sqm area
  • Parklands
    12.500 qm Fläche
  • Bunker Forecourt
    17.500 qm Fläche


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